Two months, a lot of wood shavings, sand paper, and enjoyment I finished the 15 goblets, 15 plates and one platter for the Living Last Supper that the Pilot Knob Lutheran Church put on. All goblets were engraved with "Living Last Supper". They were made from oak, walnut, honey locust, cherry, poplar, and an unknown wood.

I also made others that were not used out of poplar, lilac, oak and red cedar for a grand total of 27. As you can see the goblets have white plastic cups inside because we put wine in them for communion. It was a learning experience that I will continue to develop.
The plates were made from cedar, black walnut and the platter from butternut.

These goblets are for sale and are made upon request if what I have on hand is not what you desire.  They can be made from the wood of your choice. $49.95 each