"The Urn I ordered was for my most favored dog, Max, who had died suddenly at 13 years of age. However heart breaking it was to lose Max, I was most pleased to be able to place his ashes in such a beautifully built Urn. It was as if the Urn was designed to compliment Max’s looks and personality, being of such exquisite wood coloring and so perfectly aligned in every detail. I highly recommend anyone to order one of Bob’s Urns when that special time of need arises." Greg F. Iowa


"The urn came out great. My whole family loves it and the engraving makes it feel very personalized. I can't thank you enough for this now we finally feel like he was laid to rest. We appreciate your time and work on this urn and will remember this forever."  Ralph B. Florida

"I ordered the note pad holder and received it in the most perfect condition, within just two weeks.

Excellent craftsmanship and really cute!  I can see many uses for this little box, it can hold coins, jewelry, paper clips, rubber bands, oh and post-it notes. What I like about it is that it is hand crafted and it is also signed and dated." Arlene Ball

Pittsburgh, PA

"When I realized that Bob had started making pet urns, I immediately put my order in. Having lost my Golden Retriever over a year ago, I wanted more than the plastic urn the vet provided. I certainly wasn't disappointed with the end product.  The extra love and attention to detail were obvious and the inlays were a wonderful touch. It's sturdy, extremely well made, and a beautiful way to honor the memory of a beloved pet. Thanks, Bob!" June H. Washington IA